For now, order your meat from the Amish. It is fresh, pastured and no vaccinations or antibiotics. We currently order by one pound lots, but it is totally fine to get a whole steak or roast and we can adjust the money owed the farmer after we know how much it weighs. You can [...]

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Vaccines by Aajonus Vonderplanitz I am reluctant to mention the harm that vaccines produce because most everyone is adamantly brainwashed that vaccines produce immunity. However, I would be negligent to ignore how vaccines actually affect health. Allopathic medicine is based on the “germ theory”, that microbes and viruses, cause disease. Medical science bases the use of [...]

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COWS MILK & DAIRY Our mostly Jersey cows get grass and free choice minerals (salt, kelp, diatomaceous earth) during most of the year.  In the winter months when the grass is not growing, we supplement them with high quality dry hay to ensure the best tasting milk even in wintertime.  No grain is fed [...]

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Food! I bought some bison at the local store because my cat was eating all my Northstar ground bison. The first thing I noticed was the consistency. It felt soft and. Bit slimy. I ended up eating some too. And you know, even though I have a limited budget, I am willing to pay [...]

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Aajonus was one of those unique people that are like messengers sent to help us. He had insights into food and health that are astounding. Yes, he researched and worked with people for many years, slept little (didn’t need it!) And really knew what was going on in the world. He understood bodies and medicine [...]

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Winter is officially in progress here in Southern California! And with the cold, the rain, more sniffles, aches and pains. There are two answers to this: 1) 40 to 90 minute hot baths (101 to 105 degrees), with clay, salt, and vinegar, 3 T each, plus coconut cream and/ or milk, to draw off [...]

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I just saw an article about fatty liver! The cool thing about it was the solution is probiotics and prebiotic’s which is stuff that feeds the probiotic bacteria. I thought that was really interesting because that’s what the Primal Diet is all about. It’s about getting the live enzymes and about encouraging gut bacteria, [...]

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Hot baths! With the cold weather, our lymph systems, already clogged with cooked fats and oils, suffer when the fats congeal that much more. You can’t get rid of toxins and detox as well, and it all backs up and tries to come out through your sinuses! Clogged nose, sneezing, mucus dropping down to [...]

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