There’s a new book out that Dr. Mercola is promoting, that truly backs up our Primal diet. Written by a doctor, there is a lot of research backing animal based food as the most compatible with our bodies. He, in fact, says that the benefits we get from plants, from the phytochemicals, are actually from our body’s response to them as toxins! Stimulation of our immune systems, and our own chemicals to protect the body.

So, he advocates a 100% meat, milk and egg diet, BUT with eating the whole animal, meaning lots of organs too. Less waste, fewer toxins, and what keeps people alive longer! Remember the organ meats!

Supporting this is my own experience this last week. I blended about 1/3 pound of bison liver with two raw egg yolks and a bit of milk, and had a tremendous rejuvenation that afternoon. My mood improved dramatically, and my body heated up and slept.

Now, I’ve been eating liver some, but this was a larger quantity, and I really saw how much I needed those raw, usable vitamins. I’ve been healing lately, and needing more!
Of everything good.

I’ve also returned to the cheese, wait, celery juice, wait, and then eat regimen. And, eating raw saves your body energy and resources, from not needing to pull enzymes from elsewhere to digest the food. It mostly breaks down itself, or is already usable.

I repeat my analogy of building a house with leftovers from a fire versus new boards and fixtures. That’s the difference in eating raw and eating cooked.

When people say cooked is more easily digested, they are basing this on the energy created, the calories. My personal bias is that more of the raw food is available for repair and building, and less is converted to sugar to be burned.

This is especially important for children’s growing bodies. If they are building their body from broken pieces, pieces that had to have parts chopped off, or are just weaker from the heat, you would expect the children to have less robust health. Then there is the extra energy and replacements needed to break down and rebuild pieces. There is a lot of extra labor and scavenging needed to build this way. There is also having to get rid of the damaged parts, the new chemicals made by the heat, many of which have never existed in bodies. More outlay of energy, more free radicals to deal with, more immune response.

And, of course, this applies to healing.

Unfortunately this type of healing and rejuvenation does not happen overnight. And it is sometimes interspersed with detoxification (colds, odd bowel movements, rashes or redness, and even vomiting,) depending on how fast you are changing things.

A cooked meal will often slow or stop the detox, which sometimes makes people think that cooked is better. The Primal Diet is set up to detox slowly, with minimal upset. That’s why we do not do cleanses, as a rule. Just right eating.

Read. Get informed. Really know what you are doing, because there are too many voices out there telling us what to do, what’s new, etc. I think looking back to the original diet of mankind makes sense.

Be a detective, too! See where someone got their information from, was it actual observation? Or just an “Everyone knows.” Like the assumption that early man cooked their meat because they found bones in the fireplace. To me, that’s an obvious way to get rid of the meat that still sticks to the bone and would attract pests. And bones burn, too! Both of these viewpoints are not direct observation.

Learn to hear what your body is telling you, what it wants, needs, and see how it responds to real, whole, natural food. Mine loves it!

Be Well.

Healthfully Yours,
Marilyn at RA