I bought some bison at the local store because my cat was eating all my Northstar ground bison. The first thing I noticed was the consistency. It felt soft and. Bit slimy. I ended up eating some too. And you know, even though I have a limited budget, I am willing to pay the extra for myself for sure. Northstar just tastes better! And I know it is fresh, ne’er frozen. Processed that week. Can’t beat it!

I also LOVE the 11-strain probiotic drink. OMG. A little goes a long way, and my body just smiles when I drink some. Ahhh.

I shared some of the unsalted cheddar goat cheese with two friends today, and they both said, with surprise in their voices, “This is good!”

I also had a papaya quarter (non- GMO from Hawaii, of course) in my eggnog (4 eggs, 2 T coconut cream, raw honey, and raw goat milk to fill to a quart. That and a cup of ground bison with Frank’s tomato sauce, a small jar of goat cheese, and a pint of goat milk for in case is what I take with me each day. Oh, and I am juicing daily too, just a pint for the day, intense parsley, cilantro, dandelion greens, (1/3 of a bunch each one) and four or five celery stalks. Mmmm.

From a polio survivor I know personally:
Very interesting thing about magnesium. We found out much too late that polio could be healed by taking large doses of magnesium chloride a few hours apart. I kept an old booklet written by the French doctor, Dr Neveu. You probably already know this. If not here is the English version:

Dental Questions

Teeth. Interesting things. It’s like having rocks in your mouth — but they are actually alive, self-healing and are suppose to have a steady flow of fluid through them. There are little tubules coming from the inside out of the teeth. These are the things that dentists have you block up with Sensodyne toothpaste so you can’t get a back flow of acids up the tubules to your sentinel and nerves. What we should be doing is restoring the flow of mineral rich fluids that help rebuild our teeth.

How do we do that?

From Marjorie Wildcraft on her Grownetwork:

Your Teeth Are ALIVE!
Most of us view our teeth like rocks… we don’t see them as “alive”!

When our teeth crack, for example, we repair them with glue, much like we’d repair a cracked plate or broken vase.
Yet this is WRONG! 
Our teeth ARE alive! 
And our approach to caring for them needs to reflect that.   We need to stop thinking about “fixing our teeth” and, instead, start thinking about how we can “heal our teeth.” 
Our teeth are, in fact, living entities in our bodies.
And our teeth have a system for healing themselves, just like other parts of our bodies.

For example, did you know that in the middle of each tooth, there’s “pulp”?
And in this pulp, there’s over 1.5 MILLION tiny microscopic tubules are constantly circulating the nutrientshormones, and fluids that your teeth need to stay alive and healthy? 
Or, did you know that each of your teeth is in a constant state of remineralization?  Where saliva is neutralizing the impact of acid on your teeth, by fortifying them with MINERALS?
Supporting our body’s natural ability to heal itself is the basis of alternative and holistic medicine. 
And that’s why, today I’m excited to introduce you to Doug’s methods of natural tooth care, based on ancient traditions of dental care that he learned from indigenous cultures.
There really ARE alternatives to dentists…

Okay, I am ordering the DVD and getting a few books from Marjorie Wildcraft about this. I’ll share them with you at RA.