With this warm snap, remember to make the sport formula.
All Raw
In a Quart jar place
Two eggs, juice of a lemon, a lime,
A T each of raw honey, cream, coconut cream, apple cider vinegar,
A tsp of Terramin Clay for clean minerals,
Any of the following to fill the quart jar:
Watermelon, best not with tomato
Whey (wet)
Mineral water
Raw milk

Blend briefly and sip or drink as you wish.

For those who want to eat liver, and don’t know how, I put a handful cut up small in my eggnog (2 raw eggs, T cream or 2, honey, milk) and add tomato and plenty of honey. I even enjoy cinnamon sometimes!
Plenty of coconut cream or cow cream.
Very tasty.

Time to eat plenty of melon, cucumber, pineapple, papaya, bananas, and other potassium rich foods.

Finally, please make a point of getting at least 8 oz of green juice every day (morning), preferably two more servings of 4 oz before meals the rest of the day too!

Love to the out all!
The Folks at RA