Winter is officially in progress here in Southern California!
And with the cold, the rain, more sniffles, aches and pains.

There are two answers to this: 1) 40 to 90 minute hot baths (101 to 105 degrees), with clay, salt, and vinegar, 3 T each, plus coconut cream and/ or milk, to draw off toxins and clean out the lymph system, and 2) pineapple and raw butter! Especially when you do the bath.

“Colds” are often just the backing up of the lymphatic system due to congealing of cooked fats in the lymph from the cold of the environment penetrating the body. The stuff has to get out somewhere, and that is either the nasal system or the gut (flu symptoms). The bacteria and viruses are needed to help get the toxins out.

The baths, taken daily, help open the flows and help remove toxins through the skin too. They can be essential to losing excess weight too, for the same reasons!

Even the monkeys in Japan who live in snow take hot baths!

Your skin is starved for fats and nutrients. Coconut cream applied directly feeds your skin, restoring the fat and helping rebuild collagen with raw proteins. Try it for a few days on your face or all over, and see if you can feel your skin breathe, relax and say, “Thank you!” Leave it on for a few minutes, up to 20 minutes, and rinse withe warm water, or just get in the shower. The sticky part washes off, leaving a smooth, light oil already absorbed into the skin. No need for soap. Oil is what was used for centuries before soap!

I had skin tags go away after doing this, and one member had a mole vanish. It is healing for burns, scrapes, and minor wounds.

Happy New Year to you all!
Marilyn at RA