I just saw an article about fatty liver! The cool thing about it was the solution is probiotics and prebiotic’s which is stuff that feeds the probiotic bacteria. I thought that was really interesting because that’s what the Primal Diet is all about. It’s about getting the live enzymes and about encouraging gut bacteria, which are of course what keep us healthy and alive.

I’m sure most of you know that the bacteria in the gut is our primary immune system and our little white blood cells are a back up for that, for things that get past the gut or get shoved in some other way. (cuts and such)

And enzymes are flat out what run every chemical reaction in our body from breaking down our food to changing that food into energy particles that are used in the cells to getting oxygen everywhere to mending and fixing and growing.

Enzymes are very heat sensitive and therefore get burned out pretty quickly in the body because we’re warm. So many of them have to be remade frequently. It’s crazy to think of how many times any particular enzyme is used in one minute. Some of them get used like 1000 times in one minute.

Most people only think of enzymes when it comes to digesting our food. But food comes with its own enzymes if it’s raw and it has enzymes in every cell that are designed to break down that cell. When we cook them we destroy all those enzymes and so then we have to separately provide all the enzymes to break down all of that food which is a lot of work for our body. In fact many people struggle to provide all the enzymes that are necessary for digestion of cooked food, with the mineral depleted food most of us are eating. This is why enzyme supplements are a big business.

It’s interesting to that Aajonus said years and years ago that probiotics were being shut down in the food system by refusing have anything raw, so that they could market probiotics to us. Instead of getting them as part of the package of raw milk, and various other things like kefirs and fermented foods, it’s now something they can monetize.

So stock up on kefir and yogurt and raw milk just the way it is or make your own kefir from it!

Happy holidays and We’ll be seeing you!
Marilyn at RA