Hot baths!

With the cold weather, our lymph systems, already clogged with cooked fats and oils, suffer when the fats congeal that much more. You can’t get rid of toxins and detox as well, and it all backs up and tries to come out through your sinuses! Clogged nose, sneezing, mucus dropping down to the chest and coughing.
Hot baths are the answer. To any not feeling well. Water at 101 to 105 degrees for 40 minutes if you can stand it, 90 if you really want to clean out. Put Terramin clay and/or raw milk, sea salt, raw apple cider vinegar in the water, 3 Tablespoons of each or whichever you choose. They clean the water and help your skin. Food Grade Epsom salts are good too, or Magnesium chloride from a health food store. You want to eat raw organic pineapple and raw fat, like cream, butter and/or coconut cream, and Raw Sports Drink to keep hydrated and have electrolytes. Your nose will run!
Then bundle up with terry cloth or sweat clothes and go to bed. Sweat it out. And sleep.
This makes me feel so much better!

Egg nog is a must for these holidays, as is the Sport Formula.

Egg Nog:
2 Whole Raw eggs (organic, pasture raised) or 3-4 egg yolks
Raw Cream (1/4 cup to 1 cup)
Raw milk (to fill)
Raw Honey (2 or more tablespoons to taste)
Cinnamon (1 tsp to taste)
1/2 small papaya if desired to give a pumpkin like taste and add thickness.
Blend this first until smooth, then add the rest.

Put the eggs in a clean quart jar or blender, and add the rest to taste.

Sport Drink:
Place in a quart jar:
3 cups of at least 2 of the following: tomatoes, peeled cucumbers, watermelon, puréed
2 T lemon and 2 T lime juice ( I put the juice of one lemon and one lime each)
1 T raw apple cider vinegar
2 T each of raw cream, raw coconut cream
2 -3 raw eggs
1-2 T raw honey (optional)
1 tsp Terramin clay (optional)
Then fill the rest of the quart jar with whey or Gerolsteiner sparkling water, or milk, or combo

Mostly the green juice Aajonus recommended was celery, for the natural salt content. This is where we are supposed to get our Sodium. We do need it. If you don’t have enough, you can get tired, and over time, you can get irregular heart beat. Yep! I cannot stress enough how important it is to get raw green vegetable juice daily. If you are not, you should be eating a lot of leafy greens. Salad or blended in a drink. Some people blend and then strain to get out some of the fiber.

I cannot say enough good things about drinking/ eating the Terramin Clay. I feel immediately better, and nails get harder and my thinking gets clearer. Minerals truly are a basic necessity, and Terramin Clay is far superior to any supplement I have used! Again, half fill a small  jar and add water until it is soupy. Like thick soup. Ideally, let it sit for three days, to let the minerals become more absorbable. Then take a tablespoon of it on an empty stomach., like every morning or at bedtime. You could start a new jar every three days or however long it lasts, so that each jar has been sitting three days before you start using it. It can go longer, of course; it just gets better. Up to a point.

And green juice! Drinking green juice three times a day kept my heart in rhythm years ago, and can keep a chronic infection from getting worse, gradually healing (like a tooth). Of course, if you are really bad you should just drink green juices and citrus juices, and nothing else for a few days, and raw eggs.

The subject of Prostates came up recently, and I am so impressed how diet can handle prostate cancer or swelling. It is such a shame that people get their prostate fried and then have to ream it out, trashing the cells in the urethra, which leads to no performance. One guy even has no feelings in the right side of his member. These are acceptable collateral damage to save your life. But how much better to just eat your way to health? Fix it before it gets to that point?

An actor long ago went macrobiotic after being a big cooked meat eater, and was sick, hugging the toilet for several days, passed out, etc. but he beat the prostate cancer. A friend did the Bernard Jensen seven day cleanse with colonics and fasting, and passed his prostate tumor out in chunks. Hurt a lot, but, hey! He got rid of it.

The Gerson diet involves a lot of juicing, 14 big glasses a day, and vegetable broth. Then you have to eliminate it all, through your eyes, or stomach or intestines, boils on the skin.

Pancreatic enzymes, no sugar, oxygen baths and oxygenated water, vitamins and minerals, lots of green vegetables, not starchy, citrus and other Vitamin C, which we cannot make in our bodies, unlike most animals, all contribute to healing the cells of cancer.

Paul changed to the Primal Diet full on and it was gone in two weeks.

Now, we don’t all necessarily heal as fast as Paul, but a lot of people healed their cancer with the Primal diet. Over 230 out of 242. A few people were too skinny to make it, some were just too late, waited to do this as a last choice.

I decided to eat as though I have cancer, or whatever, and not wait for it to show up. I got rid of my mercury laden fillings, and went raw Primal.

With cancer, if you decide it is gone, it helps. Lots. In fact, everyone I know who beat it decided to get well, no matter what. Then, if you choose things that only help your body clean and heal, you’ve got it. My friend had a lung cancer, bad scene. She researched, ate only vegetables, no sugar of any kind, no fruit, and did alternative treatments that helped her body, nothing to “kill” the cancer. The cells are our own cells! There is no virus, or they would have found it years ago. The cells are so toxic that they are reproducing frantically to try and survive. She ate no sugar to not feed the crazy cells, a spiritual therapy to find the emotional source of the cancer, juiced fresh all day long like on the Gerson Diet, her own version. She quit smoking. Listened to her chiropractor and got supplements that muscle tested well, like Vit C, and went to Hungary to do the Kaqun oxygen baths. We now have them locally too! Drank their water.
She did one thing that was a kind of attack, an infrared treatment to the spot where the tumor was. There is very good info online or a video on this.
It took two years , but She has no sign of cancer now for three years. Eats healthy, not raw, but is cautious. She’s not as healthy as she would be on our raw diet, but I want you to know she beat it with raw food (the juices) and alternatives. It can be done.

I would not be here if not for our raw food. The cleanliness and quality made all the difference for me.

Decide how you want your body to be, get a good feel for it, picture of it, and feel it in every cell, the way you re deciding to have your body. Then keep that running in the background, like a desktop photo. Then, make choices about what you do and eat that supports that ideal, that you know will help you get there. Don’t decide that candy will do it because you want to eat candy. Find out or know what is good for you. Read everything you can get your hands on. Even just hold food in your hand and see if you feel uplifted, happier, if your stomach muscles relax, anything that communicates a plus or minus to you. Don’t give up, saying you can’t do it. Keep testing everything, and compare your hunches with how you feel after eating it. Listen to your body for three days after you change something. Also, you can test your heart rate before eating a food, then see what it is after eating it. If your heart rate goes up, you may want to quit eating that for a while, and check it periodically if you really want it.

You can do a blood test for food sensitivities, which can be a shocker. Check with Dr. Mike Zalben, or I can give you other sources closer to where you live. I ate almonds constantly, and then tested sensitive to them. I tried to add them back in, and never could. Years later, I can eat something with almond in it very rarely, and not feel tired or anything. Garlic is not good for me. Cooked meat led to tiredness the next day. Raw meat woke me up, gave me energy.

You are what you eat, and you are what you think, what you decide to be. Watch the Rocky film. Read Roger Bannister’s story: totally burned legs asa child, became the first one to break the 4 minute mile. You have to push through the inertia, the body’s desire to conserve energy, and find something you can be passionate about, that can drive you, capture your attention, and make work easy, running worth the work, Karate or Tai Chi what you look forward to. Be active in some way, get the heart rate up, and eat cleanly. No toxins, clean, healthy food.

Decide what game you want to play, for all of life is a Game. There are goals, rules and barriers, limits, and not unknowable obstacles. Dedicate yourself to learning what you need to know to win at the game you choose. Let the dictionary, the encyclopedia, and Bing be your new best friends. Research and never give up, never surrender. Go out the top, go out fighting. Do not be afraid to use force. (Hence The Karate) Not everything good for you will feel good. Push yourself, and learn your limits in order to push them more. Communicate. Feel love. Really know things, make them real, then make them do what You want. Be willing to be wrong, to find out new information. Test things. Don’t just believe stuff. Make it prove it works. Keep statistics to see if something is working. Be willing to be strong, to have opinions, and to change. Love others unconditionally.

Live this life to the fullest!

My love to you all!
See you!
Marilyn at RA