The healing power of food is amazing.

Or, really, the healing power of the body is amazing! The right food just helps it, or even makes it possible.

Think about the fact that the basic patterns of the body developed a long time ago with with food that was different than what we eat now. The Primal diet is our attempt to duplicate that. To give the body what it needs to function according to design.

Aajonus was one of the few people who got really close to this state. He had a rough beginning, but showed the healing abilities of the body when he went to a completely raw diet. He had to research a lot, and eat a lot of different food, and search out what was really clean, what it took to actually heal a toxic body. (See his story in We Want To Live, The Primal Diet.)

I personally found that when I went from 95% raw to 100% raw for a couple of years, my body changed. I cleaned out something from inside of the bottom of my feet, my joints got looser, and I was able to do more. And more. I still eat mostly raw, but not 100% all the time. Scott does, though!

We are so fortunate to have the food we get. It’s a challenge to get the variety we need, but with the Farmer’s markets and the ability to get food from all over the world, we have a lot of choices. It takes learning to know what foods to get locally to fill your needs, and what things you have to get from elsewhere.

Some things we can only get from our farm, like raw butter, the raw milk of the quality we have, the bison meat and beef, chicken that has not been frozen. The cheeses and numerous other things you can see on the website.

The other thing about our group is that we are supporting farmers who are continuing a tradition that is invaluable and in danger of being lost. They are not an endangered species, but it is a way of life that is in danger of being eliminated. Laws that take away our right to choose what we put in our bodies, that take the ownership of our bodies away from us endanger all of us.

Education is the way to change things, but it must be real and including the free gathering of data. We cannot have a universal education dictated by those in power, nor the hiding of information. We need to be able to choose our own path, each of us have our own choice, hopefully after having been taught how to learn for ourselves, and not just accept what someone else has told us.

Look, read, learn and test what you believe. Learn what works, and what is truth for you. Learn to look and see for yourself. Investigate and see how a thing is true, and how it could not be true. Trust yourself. Learn what words mean, all their meanings, and what someone means when they say something. Don’t assume anything.

Your health and your life are your choices. Do what truly makes you feel better, saner, and more healthy. Defend your truth. Do what makes your heart sing!

Healthfully Yours,
Marilyn At RA