We still have hot days and a need for hydration. Green vegetable juices and Sport Drink are the best for this!

Sport Drink:
Place in a quart jar:
3 cups of at least 2 of the following: tomatoes, peeled cucumbers, watermelon, puréed
2 T lemon and 2 T lime juice ( I put the juice of one lemon and one lime each)
1 T raw apple cider vinegar
2 T each of raw cream, raw coconut cream
2 -3 raw eggs
1-2 T raw honey (optional)
1 tsp Terramin clay (optional)
Then fill the rest of the quart jar with whey or Gerolsteiner sparkling water, or milk, or combo

Mostly the green juice Aajonus recommended was celery, for the natural salt content. This is where we are supposed to get our Sodium. We do need it. If you don’t have enough, you can get tired, and over time, you can get irregular heart beat. Yep! I cannot stress enough how important it is to get raw green vegetable juice daily. If you are not, you should be eating a lot of leafy greens. Salad or blended in a drink. Some people blend and then strain to get out some of the fiber.

Fiber is controversial. It’s good if you are eating cooked food, for it helps sweep the gut, absorb toxins, and the soluble fiber is digested by your gut bacteria. With it they make chemicals that feed the brain! This is soluble fiber is in apple pectin, yams, some of the non-grain flours.

If you eat all raw, and depend on your gut flora, you don’t want to sweep them out. In Healthy people, the waste you push out is mostly bacteria. It’s part of the cycle of life. You should have such a great gut flora that it is reproducing like crazy and coming out to be spread around the world. And if you eat raw and clean, it is healthy fertilizer that helps plants grow. Cooked food actually produces an inferior product! Plants will not grow as well, probably because there are fewer bacteria.

This is why cows and animals can reclaim the almost deserts. If they are eating the grasses and what is left, and fertilizing the ground with lots of bacteria, the soil can be restored to a living state. Most plants cannot grow in crushed rock. Bacteria make the minerals available to them, as they do for us. With bacteria, organic matter to hold  water, nitrogen from the urine, and undigested food, or what we cannot digest, the soil organisms like worms can return and loosen the soil, and the waste of all this is food the plant roots can absorb. It’s a beautiful thing.

Really, if we ate raw and composted our waste (poop), we could transform the world.

And, here in LA, if we covered the land with compost and cover crops like grass, and had animals eating it and fertilizing it, we could create a lush paradise. Scraping the weeds off the soil, the only plants who can survive in bare dirt, is crazy. We are going to lose all our top soil this way, and it will be a real desert.

We should be watering with our waste water, which should be clean enough to use if we don’t use all the chemicals, and protecting the soil. It is our true wealth, and the only one that ensures our survival. We really need to start a movement on this, or support others who are doing it.

Us not using water it stupid. We don’t have anyone downstream. We are at the ocean! Who is it going to? And if you store the water in the soil, it gets better, takes water from the air at night. Permaculture techniques are the true answer.

Okay? Check out Geoffrey Lawton and Alan Savory and Groassis. And re-read We Want To Live and the recipe book. You need to do this every year. You’ll be surprised at what you forgot or dropped out of your routine!

Love your food, love your body, love your land.

Healthfully Yours,
Marilyn at Ra