Health is a multi-faceted project. Like Life! The more involved you are, the more you pursue something that can take all your attention, absorb you into the game, and be something you are good at, the healthier you will be.

Now, you have to have getting the right food be a part of that, because all too often, people get so wrapped up in making money, or in a special project, or helping others, that they forget to take care of themselves.

Balance is important. And since any falling away from perfect health means you have something in the back of your mind pulling your away attention from your creation of perfect health (which allows you to pursue your creations), that means keeping schedules, keeping all of it in.

I find that I have “stuff” I need to work on, but I cannot do the work right now. So, I have to keep myself in present time, focused on the positive and on what I can create and control. This keeps me from getting agitated, with body chemicals rising and throwing my hormones and health out of whack.

Sometimes it means a change. Sometimes you have to back away from what or who is agitating you, and immerse yourself in something that makes you happy. If you are physically incapacitated, it can be reading or watching happy TV, but it’s better if you can create or do something productive that is not restimulative.

Resting is important, as is sleep. Exercise before bed, a walk, minor workout, just enough to tire you enough to sleep can be good. Taking a walk outside and looking as far away as you can and doing so without talking with someone, just looking, is a great therapy for upset or needing to sleep. It can be a challenge in some neighborhoods, but maybe do it just before dark.

Many people make do, get food from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, but often their meat is frozen. You have to ask the manager. Or the supplier. There are some farms that go to farmer’s markets, but really read the websites and ask someone who you feel is honest. You may not think it matters, but if you are sick, or struggling to regain health, it can make a huge difference to get fresh meat.

Fresh, raw milk, or even if you Kiefer it yourself, is far better than anything that is warmed a bit, like yogurt or cheese. Raw, unsalted Cheese is super important to absorb toxins that get dumped constantly into your intestinal system, but especially just before meals. If you are really ill, you can eat a small piece every hour or even every 15 minutes if really ill. And when you feel you can, then eat raw eggs. They are the most digestible and have everything you need. Milk then can be added. Eggs and milk have everything to grow a whole body, so you can live on that for a long time.

Read Aajonus. His books, his You have to have this to counter the false data we are fed constantly by the media, the doctors, and each other! We all mean well, but he really figured it out. And he does say to drink water, you guys! Only not to substitute it for drinking enough green juice, milk (gallons) and sport drinks, or wet foods.

Dehydration is really bad for you. As are kidney stones! Please drink enough liquids, and no, coffee, tea, and sodas do not count. They dehydrate you.

Find a passion that improves things for yourself and hopefully, others. Be productive, active and helpful. Keep happy. Love yourself and all that is.

I love you all!
Marilyn at RA