Aajonus got massages frequently. He also did hot baths with raw milk, sea salt, Terramin clay and raw apple cider vinegar frequently, often daily. He did not feel the need to exercise, due to his body “type” (meaning he had few stress lines in his eyes, and needed little sleep) and the fact that the raw food kept him toned and strong.

He recommended hot bath to basically everyone, as a way to clean out the lymph system so the body can clean itself. Lots of cooked fats and oils are lodged there, and need the heat to melt them so that the body can remove them. He has us put the raw milk (1/4 cup), clay, sea salt and raw apple cider vinegar (3 Tablespoons each) in the water to detox the water and to help our skin detox. The skin likes an acid environment too.

The water should be 101 degrees F To 105 degrees F, and he wanted us in it a minimum of 40 minutes, up to 90 minutes. It takes 40 minutes to get the heat deep enough to start melting the deeper fat deposits. People worked up to that, of course. Also, cold cloths were recommended to help keep the brain cool. Full immersion, no knees sticking up, which means a big enough tub or a hot tub.

For those of us who had a lot of radiation or vaccine deposits, or very clogged lymph, (popcorn with movie butter?) he recommended a bath every night. For myself, he wanted me to even fall asleep in the tub and stay there all night. ( I had too much radiation under my skull. Got a lot of that out about four years ago with a special detox sweat program that targets radiation as well as environmental and drug toxins.)

The baths are essential for anyone still eating any cooked foods. And for anyone retaining extra fats. Your body will hang on to fat to keep the toxins from overloading your body of your lymph is clogged. This is the essential way for toxins to get out via your skin, instead of trashing your gut.

Despite the fact that I got the strong indication he wasn’t sure I could clean out enough soon enough to survive, I’m still here  eight years later. About 2011 was when he changed the bath time from afternoons with exercise after to doing it last thing at night at night and then bundling up and sweating in bed. You know it’s working if your sheets and pillowcases are stained from your sweat!

He had us eat a variety of fats with pineapple during the bath, to help clean out the hardened fats in the lymph system. He also recommended sipping the Sport Drink, lemon-aide, and Gerolsteiner water during the bath to replace the water and electrolytes lost in sweat.

Every time I have fallen away from doing the baths, and restarting them, I am amazed at how much better I feel from taking them. Especially if I don’t feel well, or have the beginnings of cold feelings. Knocks it right out.

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but definitely keep in the electrolytes. Depleting them can make you very tired. Even once a week is not only a treat, but the minimum any of us should do. I am repeatedly amazed at how well people used to know how to take care of themselves. Claw foot bathtubs for soaking. Epsom salts baths.

Massages. Deep tissue massages, like Hellerwork, to break up old deposits and adhesions, which I am getting a course of from an amazing practitioner, who is also a member.

And drink fresh green juices!

Healthfully Yours,
Marilyn at RA