This is a great time to get desserts from Frank, his mayonnaise to make delicious dishes, dates, walnuts and honey for desserts you make, and raw butter for your potatoes and yams! Hibiscus cooler, hmmm, coconut cream, cream for whipped cream!! So great!

Here’s the news from the Farm:

Greetings from Willow Run Foods in PA. October brought us a nice mix of rain and sunshine which we are thankful for. It gave the late fall veggies a boost. Soon it will be time for the gardens and fields to rest. Once again, we are grateful for God’s blessings of a plentiful harvest.

Kefir, a cultured, slightly effervescent drink, is full of benefits! Studies show it helps control blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and may help overcome lactose intolerance. In addition, it may be beneficial against gastroenteritis, vaginal infections, yeast infections and parasites. It may even help reduce tumors. It also is helpful in maintaining good gut health and controlling weight. Nutritional benefits (which are numerous) vary according to the type of milk used ~ cow, goat or sheep ~ you choose! Try our Kefir today.
With the holidays approaching, watch our Specials for specialty items such as our pureed pumpkin and pumpkin custard. Our NEW Fudgy Cookies are made with einkorn flour ~ purely delicious with a tall glass of milk!

Just add in what you want to the comments section of your order. If you have any problems, call the RA landline at 818-293-3437, leaving a message if you don’t reach Scott. You’ll need to pay on pickup,or choose the shipping charges that are the closest to your total, and make up the difference, or get change at pickup.
Offers good on orders placed from November 1 to November 30
To receive specials, please mention November Specials on your order, in the comments box.

November Specials
Fudgy Cookies $10.00/6 pkg., $4.00/2 pkg.
Pureed Pumpkin $6.00/pt. jar
Pumpkin Custard $5.50/8 oz. jar
Egg Custard $5.25/8 oz. jar
Fresh Raw Apple Cider $7.00/qt., $10.50-1⁄2 gal., $17.75/gal.

~~Inventory Blowout~~
Frozen 2018 Beef Brisket $10.00/lb.
Frozen 2018 Rib-eye Roast $13.50/lb.
Frozen 2018 Boneless Sirloin Steak $12.50/lb.
Frozen 2018 Ground Veal $9.00/lb.
Frozen Beef Puddin’s (great breakfast addition) $7.50/lb.,
$13.00/2 lb. pkg.

~~Reduced Cheeses~~
Sharp Jack (salted) $6.00/lb.
Sharp Gouda (salted) $6.00/lb.
Sharp Farmers (salted) $6.00/lb.
Sharp Baby Swiss (salted) $6.00/lb.
Sharp Pizzarella (salted) $7.00/lb., $6.00/lb. for 5-lb. block
Sharp Herbal Jack (salted) ) $7.00/lb., $6.00/lb. for 5-lb. block
Sharp Pepper Jack (salted) ) $7.00/lb., $6.00/lb. for 5-lb. block

November Produce
(while supplies last)
Red Kidney Beans $3.00-1⁄2 lb., $5.00/lb., $12.00/3lb.
Cabbage (green) $3.50/head
Yellow Onions, slicing $5.00/2-lb. bag
Garlic $10.00/lb., $5.75-1⁄2 lb.
Orange Carrots $5.75/2-lb. bag; $11.50/5-lb. bag
Potatoes (Red or Yukon Gold) $7.75/5-lb. bag
Sweet Potatoes $7.75/5-lb. bag

Healthfully Yours,
Marilyn At RA