I was thinking about how sometimes the raw food we normally eat just isn’t enough to keep us healthy. Aajonus recommended a step up for people who were not responding enough to the basic diet, as opposed to supplements.

First, green vegetable juice with celery and greens was a priority, and the main source of vitamins and minerals (supplements), along with the Terramin Clay. Secondly, a small amount of unsalted raw cheese at minimum before every meal, and if needed, more often; as often as every hour for heavy detox. Then, organ meats, like heart and liver, but the whole range occasionally. Oysters, seaweed, cheese after a meal with a bit of honey, and milk, sport drink for more minerals. Nuts and seeds, berries and green pineapple or papaya occasionally.

The big guns are out with the high meat. Cancer and other imbalances need a pre-digested protein that goes straight to the areas needed via the bloodstream, without having to depend on the damaged gut to digest them.

And that is the last big deal, is the gut. Lots of kefir, everything fermented and let go as long as you can stand it. It seems backwards, to eat tons of bacteria if you are super in trouble, but it works! He had some people eating feces to get enough bacteria to the gut, for things like cancer that were not responding. And, amazingly, it worked.

I know, we all hope it doesn’t come down to that, but the organ meats should be added now and then, and a good dose of the other things I mentioned now and then for us all. We can get in a rut, or end up eating non-raw food to fill in the missing nutrients.

I brought this up because one member was literally dying, could not eat just about everything and was ready to give up after being bedridden for 18 months. She finally found a site that led her to high meat, and she now eats only raw meat, and especially likes what high meat does for her. She’s done that for 3 years now, can play music again, now that her joints don’t hurt, looks great and feels great. No dairy or eggs, no fruits or vegetables, no grains or starches of any kind. Just raw meat. Organ meat a lot. That’s where you get the Vit C and B and A etc, from liver and heart, and other bonuses from the other organs.

Just sayin’.

Healthfully Yours,
Marilyn at RA