Dear Members,
Happy New Year!!!

Yes, it is time to order for January 13 and 14. And, Yes, it is time to pay your membership. It is the second item on the list. Please put it at the top of your order, to make it easy for us to check everyone off.
Ordering deadline is Thursday by 11 am, but please get your orders in by Wednesday night!

We have new members who we are so glad to see join us! Welcome, Greg and Arman, Megan and Lyndsey! We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you, learning from you!

The last two days I was doing a New Year’s congress, and learning more about helping people. I realized again how important our thoughts are to our health.

Our group is pretty sane. I think every one of us wants to help others, and can accept help from others. We are here because we want to be helped, and we know we can be. Every one of you had helped me, offered help, or helped others in our group, with ideas, advice, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, someone to hear our thoughts and excitement, or just loving support.

Apparently, life is about helping. You feel as alive as you can help. Whether it is through your work, relationships, or ? We are defined by our ability to help. This is the foundation that is set. Can you get others to smile, to respond to you? Do you get help when you need it, ask for it?

A child tries to help as soon as they can. They offer you their food, their toys, a smile, a pat, a hug. They try to carry dishes, or fix you breakfast, pour milk, help themselves. They want to clean, help with laundry. You have to let them help, and not fix it right after. If it really must be done a certain way, make it a fun learning experience! “Wow! That is so great! Thank you! Now, the next step is to take the clothes and let them stretch out so they are not wrinkled. You want to help with that?”

And if they spill, it’s an “Oops!” With a quick pick-up and cloth to mop up. Letting them help as much as you can. Hugs and an attitude of, “oh, well, we all make mistakes.” Most of us are not so destitute that spilling a glass of milk is a real disaster.

Let’s all remember to treat each other that same way. Assume we all are trying our best.

I want you to know that your help is appreciated and my help is yours.

Marilyn at RA