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We still have hot days and a need for hydration. Green vegetable juices and Sport Drink are the best for this! Sport Drink: Place in a quart jar: 3 cups of at least 2 of the following: tomatoes, peeled cucumbers, watermelon, puréed 2 T lemon and 2 T lime juice ( I put the [...]

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Health is a multi-faceted project. Like Life! The more involved you are, the more you pursue something that can take all your attention, absorb you into the game, and be something you are good at, the healthier you will be. Now, you have to have getting the right food be a part of that, [...]

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I’m eating a lot of probiotics now, fermented coconut cream, etc. How did we get here? Why are we going to these lengths to get clean food? How do we get all of our food to be clean? I recommend that you read Michael Pollin’s In Defense of Food. He has an interesting viewpoint [...]

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I just read some great information on statins (Lipitor, etc.), the anti-Cholesterol drugs actually causing an increase in heart problems! Along with other drug medications for heart-related prevention. And then I read that someone claimed that psychiatric drugs were necessary for many people. It just makes me realize how blessed we are to know [...]

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I was thinking about how sometimes the raw food we normally eat just isn’t enough to keep us healthy. Aajonus recommended a step up for people who were not responding enough to the basic diet, as opposed to supplements. First, green vegetable juice with celery and greens was a priority, and the main source [...]

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It has recently come to my attention that one clear villain in the story of our lives is Glyphosate. If you don’t know, it is an ingredient in Round-up, long used as a weed killer. Before 1996, it was used only by individuals. according to Dr. Zach Bush, in 1996, 4% of our population [...]

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Read, read, read!

Sometimes we are hearing “what Aajonus said, or did.” We have to take that with a tiny bit of skepticism, as to know what he actually said or did requires direct experience, or reading what he wrote, or listening to his recorded words. And even then, specific recommendations changed over time or according to [...]

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