It has recently come to my attention that one clear villain in the story of our lives is Glyphosate. If you don’t know, it is an ingredient in Round-up, long used as a weed killer. Before 1996, it was used only by individuals. according to Dr. Zach Bush, in 1996, 4% of our population [...]

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Read, read, read!

Sometimes we are hearing “what Aajonus said, or did.” We have to take that with a tiny bit of skepticism, as to know what he actually said or did requires direct experience, or reading what he wrote, or listening to his recorded words. And even then, specific recommendations changed over time or according to [...]

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Fresh pork is available, as are the lamb and veal again this order only. Also,  we have two gallons of organic apple cider vinegar from an Amish farm aged in wooden barrels to full (edible) strength for $20 apiece. First come, first serve! I’ll try to be sure there are samples available. Cider vinegar [...]

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These animals have been humanely raised, in large enclosures or on pasture, on raw milk. For this week and next, fresh lamb (at same prices as frozen) and veal are available from the Amish, including organs. Call Scott to place an order at 818-293-3437. It is a fact of farming that you have baby [...]

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I cannot say enough good things about drinking/ eating the Terramin Clay. I feel immediately better, and nails get harder and my thinking gets clearer. Minerals truly are a basic necessity, and Terramin Clay is far superior to any supplement I have used! Again, half fill a small  jar and add water until it is [...]

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Benefits of clay by a member: stronger teeth, bones. Calmer, sleeping more deeply. So, nerves more settled. Baths. I took a bath today, with Epsom salts, Terramin clay, and 1/4 cup raw milk. It wasn’t as hot as I’d like, but it was warm, and I figured it would help pull out whatever has lately [...]

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