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precose 100 mg challengingly Vaccines by Aajonus Vonderplanitz I am reluctant to mention the harm that vaccines produce because most everyone is adamantly brainwashed that vaccines produce immunity. However, I would be negligent to ignore how vaccines actually affect health. Allopathic medicine is based on the “germ theory”, that microbes and viruses, cause disease. Medical science bases the use of [...]

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gay hookup sites chickasaw Ochota COWS MILK & DAIRY Our mostly Jersey cows get grass and free choice minerals (salt, kelp, diatomaceous earth) during most of the year.  In the winter months when the grass is not growing, we supplement them with high quality dry hay to ensure the best tasting milk even in wintertime.  No grain is fed [...]

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THE HEALING POWER OF FOOD! The healing power of food is amazing. Or, really, the healing power of the body is amazing! The right food just helps it, or even makes it possible. Think about the fact that the basic patterns of the body developed a long time ago with with food that was different than what we eat [...]

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